Women On Wheels

While women empowerment, education for women, women safety, etc. continue to be burning issues in the country for years, there are only handful organizations which are working on the ground level dedicatedly to eradicate the same.

Azad Foundation being one of them is striving to break the prejudice by empowering women and helping them find a dignified work. Incorporated in 2008, it operates with a mission to equip resource-poor women with knowledge and skills so that they excel as professionals and entrepreneurs and also become catalysts of change - not just in their own lives, but also in their families and communities. Let us have a look at how foundation is doing to attain their mission.

Firstly, they carry out a research and travel to different places where women need empowerment and spread awareness  about their program across people. They provide counseling sessions to the families too so that the women have their support while they are working. Now, when the women have support from their family and are mentally prepared to take up the challenge they undergo Azad foundation’s learner centered training programme for 6-8 months where they are taught driving theory and practice, basic mechanical skills  on road identification and map reading. They are even given classes on financial literacy and self defence. Moreover  the team assists them to acquire citizenship document and accident insurance, open a bank account and obtain a uniform and mobile phone. For women with very little means are also offered financial and such other support by giving them access to interest free loans. This programme transforms the women completely and builds in them a sense of self respect and self confidence.  Ms Vadera, Executive director and founder of Azad foundation, commented on how the women begin to transform from the time they start the programme. “You can see it in their faces. When they join they are shy and depressed, but soon they have a light in their eyes that did not exist before.”  

Once the Women are nurtured into becoming professional chauffeur, they are recruited by Sakha Consulting Wings Private Limited a unique social enterprise launched to provide safe transport for women, by women. They even get an opportunity to work at private homes or for Non-Profit Organisations.  Hence Azad Foundation and its sister concern Sakha ensure that there is a well-trained and fully equipped chauffeur behind the wheels of your car, it even empowers the women in our society and gives them an opportunity to have a dignified work and earn a good living.

While Azad foundation ( a non profit organization) aims to impart the skills of a professional  chauffeur to women who come from a marginalized society, Sakha consulting wings limited ( an organization which runs for profit) aims to provide employment to these women and also provide services to those who seek safe transport for women. Presently their services can be availed in Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Jaipur. It was initiated in 2008 and has reached more than 2,00,000 women and families in slums.

We salute the Azad-Sakha team for the socialistic step they have taken for the Women in our society.
 It is a WOW to them!
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