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So what's the usual path for a teenager who aspires to master the art of designing? Well, designing here isn't just restricted to clothes but a variety of other products which are handy in our daily routine. Rahul Arora, founder and director at Krasa Innovation & Design Private Limited, saw an opportunity emerging as he witnessed his friends leaving abroad to pursue their higher education in the field of designing. He felt the need to provide a platform for exposing the various key designing fields in the country and hence a group of teenagers went ahead to exploit this opportunity. 

Krasa in Czech means beauty and here they present to you the beauty of the Indian designers.

About Krasa Innovation & Design Private Limited :

Krasa, launched on 5th July 2015 in Hyderabad, hires budding designers and works along with them to design and improvise the existing products such as notebooks , jewellery and many more to come. "The idea is to provide consumer products with greater design propensity , our focus is to improve the existing solutions. Better products design lead to cost efficiency, better aesthetics, greater consumer satisfaction. Hence making lives simpler yet more stylish", says Rahul. 

The winning click from the Photowalk!
The company had organised the Hyderabad city photowalk, the first of its kind, Krasa's first attempt to capture the exquisite architechtural and cultural design beauty of this historically significant and technologically futuristic city, the theme being "Virasat" (Heritage). It was their first attempt and it witnessed over 156 participants.

Krasa's next step was an online styling contest : The Style diva , to promote the interest of various young stylists who run fashion blogs and are quite innovative with styling. The contestants were given a plain black T-shirt, designed by Krasa, and had to come out with different styles using that. Sounds to be difficult? Nevertheless, they were all nifty.
The winner was rewarded with exciting goodies.

Finalists from the Style Diva contest!

Their first product being a student notebook with it's own specifications, at a very reasonable price available at Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Have a look! It looks really attractive.

How does it operate :

Well, it sells the products through distributors and one can find them in their nearest retail store, presently in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata. They have raised funds initially and now follow the bootstrapped model where you make money and reinvest it further.
Krasa's predicted sales for this year is Rs.42 lacs and have sold over 5000 notebooks in Hyderabad besides a thousands more in the B2B segment. One can find their products on Flipkart too.

Meet the Young Minds :

Avith Linga- Creative Director. Presently pursuing product designing from Singapore.

Nehaal Gujarathi- Retail and Distribution head. Presently pursuing graduation from Hyderabad.

Megha Beria- Creatives. Presently pursuing product designing from Bengaluru.

Rahul Arora- Founder & Director. Presently pursuing graduation from Mumbai.
The Launch of Krasa.

You can keep yourself updated with their new creative products and events from the Krasa page.

By helping the country's designers grow, Krasa Innovation & Design Private Limited is definitely doing a great work. It's a WOW! to the young minds behind it.

Make a call to Rahul on Tapchief.

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