SaleBhai - Native Specialities At Your Doorstep.

Ever wondered if you could get the taste of your native sweet or the required ingredients for performing a specific puja, right at your doorstep? 
Salebhai will do it for you!!

What does it do?

Started in September 2015, with its headquarters in Ahemdabad, the SaleBhai team brings together specialities from across the country , say sandesh from Kolkata to the famous chiwadas from Gujarat or the dry fruits from Kashmir to the Mysore paks from Karnataka , right at your doorstep. 

So how did the idea of SaleBhai strike?

 As most of them grew up away from their native places with parents having transferable jobs, they could only visit their native places during the vacations. This was the time where they got connected to their roots and discovered unique things about their homeland: its festivities, traditions, food, customs etc. This sets a taste of the native place forever and they missed those specialities in the other cities and towns. This longing gave rise to - SaleBhai, a niche e-commerce platform that seeks to fulfill the needs of the diaspora in India and abroad. They currently sell sweets, namkeen, chocolates, bakery, spices, dry fruits, beverages, pickles, handicrafts, paintings, handlooms, herbal products and wellness items - sourced from 100 plus cities. They have 150 reputed sellers from across the country. In order to respect and help the people continue their rituals and cultures, they sell puja packets for different occassions like Laxmi puja , Ganesh puja or Durga puja , with complete details about the products- their purposes and importance and how to use the items and perform the puja along with their respective prayers. Their delivery is time is around 48 hours.

Their logo is a dog. What's the inspiration behind this?

Well, when thewowstory had asked them the inspiration behind it, Purba Kalita, co-founder at the SaleBhai says "Our logo is inspired by a dog, which stands for trust and loyalty. The dog follows where you go ; likewise we follow our customers, their dreams , their wishes so we can fulfill all their heart's desires." The idea is to deliver "sev from Ratlam" and not "Ratlami sev".

Meet the SaleBhai team :

Vishwavijay Singh - handles the overall functioning of the company with direct involvement in marketing, logistics and product categories. 

He has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing and has worked with companies such as Airtel, Nerolac and ICICI Lombard.

Pramod Rao handles the overall IT department of the company. 

He is a software professional who worked with Polaris for 3 years before starting Expedite Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2007. He has developed over 400 websites and has worked on platforms such as Java and Dotnet.

Purba Kalita handles over all communication, content development and public relations activity of the company.
She brings to the table 15 years of experience in content development. She was a journalist for 12 years, 9 years of which she had worked with The Times Of India. In 2012 she moved to business communcations and had worked closely with the team that launched Flipkart Marketplace.

Gopal Shukla handles seller tie ups and expansion of network. He is responsible for identifying goods and reputed sellers across India.

He is an expert in channel management and has over 8 years of experience in channel development and management. He has worked with companies such as Nerolac paints and ICICI.

Anand Prakash Varani handles all the finance-related issues of the company.

He has over 20 years of experience in finance and naturally brings his expertise to SaleBhai. In the past he has worked with companies such as Airtel and Axis Bank.

Future Plans :

On being asked about their future expansion plans. The team says that now they have started accepting international credit cards , so people living abroad can order and get the products delivered to their family and friends in India.
They plan to begin international delivery as well in the coming months. They are looking forward to increase the number of vendors by 50% in every six months.

Place an order and get your native sweet delivered to you right away on the SaleBhai website.


For this explicitly unique idea thewowstory team gives a WOW! to them.

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