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What would be the first initiative for someone who aspires to construct a building or maintain the one already built? Well, one thought would definitely strike them, "How do we find a right consultant for the work?". 
On entering a shopping mall, we find all the renowned brands under one roof which makes are task easier.E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and many more have brought in all the reputed sellers on a single platform which reduces our time to find the right product and service. 
Similarly Build-Inn brings in the various construction services and materials on a single platform. One can interact with quality consultants and verified professionals associated with the construction industry through Build-Inn. It resolves to expose the construction industry online.

About Build-Inn:

Formed in June 2015 by Puja Arti and Rohan Shenoy, it aims to make the construction industry in India organised and systematic which includes acknowledging the hassle of sourcing materials for laymans to this scenario. 

For the buyers:
It helps them to connect to Architects, Lighting designers, Contractors, Interior designers, Furniture designers, Structural engineers, Landscape artists on one hand and Plumbers, Masons, Electrician, Painters, HVAC consultant, Carpenter, False Ceiling consultants, Fabricators on the other. All a customer needs to do is choose a consultant based on their requirements, get estimates by Build-Inn professionals and connect with the best suited consultant independently.

For the sellers:
If you wish to connect to the buyers through Build-Inn, you can contact the team. They carry out a three-fold verification (background, professional, identification) and your profile with complete details would be uploaded on their website. The verification is carried out by trained Build-Inn professionals.

It aims to empower the customers to make an informed choice about the consultants through profiles which are exclusive for each consultant, with complete details, pictures of previous works, testimonials from previous employers and a user based review system. Hence, providing you the right consultant within a short span of time. 

About the founders:

Rohan Shenoy, CEO, has pursued a course in architecture from M S Ramaiah School of Architecture,Bengaluru. During a casual conversation, one of Rohan's friend asked him if he knew any Interior Designer who could help her with her new house. He went ahead and helped his friend with an Interior Designer and helped the latter with a Carpenter. So here he had introduced people, filling everyone's needs. This led to the idea and concept behind of Build-Inn.
"I realised that my friend and the interior designer trusted my judgement for a reason. He had assured the quality of the interior designer and the carpenter. And that's when I wanted to make lives easier for people, dreaming of a networking and referral space for the construction industry."
On completing his graduation, he had an opportunity to work in Malaysia for a renowned Architect, Lim Laurent. During which he experienced the uniformity in the process and an organised construction sector in the country. It was a free flowing project and helped in timely execution. He handles the operations for Build-Inn.

Rohan Shenoy and Puja Arti

Puja Arti is a lawyer from Bishop Cotton Women's Christian Law College, Bengaluru and hails from the steel city, Jamshedpur. The idea of Build-Inn was instilled in her when she witnessed her father having issues and troubles while they were building their own house.
"Being a lawyer, labour law taught me about skilled workforce and the problems they go through to survive in this competitive world. Jobs are centralised, leaving a lot of them unemployed." 
This was the problem she intended to answer.On finding out, she learnt how unorganised this industry is and wished to see a more organised one. Her father encouraged her for the leap of faith and guided her at every step. She takes care of the strategies, marketing and business development.
Puja and Rohan met through common friends and kick started the venture. Build-Inn has successfully worked over 40 assignments till date.
The Build-Inn team.

Future Plans:

Presently, they operate in Karnataka and will soon be expanding to Maharashtra and other parts of the country.

To get in touch with the team, visit them at

Facebook page:

For bringing the construction industry online and making it easier for the layman, it is WOW to Build-Inn.

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