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How wonderful it would be if each morning you could wake up with a smile on your face and an elated heart, as you go to work and do something which you really enjoy! One can be passionate about anything - it can be Dance, Music, Art, Teaching, Social Service etc. It just takes time and a little effort to realize what you’re really passionate about and your heart takes you there no matter what else you try doing. The founders of Seeking Himalayas - Panshul Mehta and Ashok Kumar chose a career where their heart was embedded! Yes, having their roots in Himachal Pradesh and born and brought up in the laps of the mighty mountains, they were awed by its beauty and always had immense love and respect for the same. Let us have a look at how their journey began and led them to a career path about which they are really passionate.

The Inspiring story :

Panshul Mehta

Ashok Kumar
Initially Panshul and Ashok were strangers to each other, both of them lead a different life. After Ashok was done with his studies, his passion for mountains took him towards being a guide in treks and expeditions. Panshul, was deeply passionate about Nature Photography (Mountain Photography to be specific), exploring and documenting various aspects about mountains, mountaineering and skiing. Though formally educated in the field of Computer Science and working in an software industry for some time, he says “I was physically present there but my mind wandered in the mountains.” and he didn’t quite enjoy the monotonous work for which he had to sit in a closed room in front of a computer all day long, hence he always kept looking for opportunities here and there which could take him back in lap of his beloved mountains and tried his hands on writing journals, photography, exploring the mountains, mountaineering and skiing courses etc. One fine day, as destiny had it in store, during one of his wanderings while he was doing a photo-documentation, Panshul met Ashok in Sangla by “accidental luck” (that is how they describe their meet) and discovered that each of them had a sentiment for the mountains and a curiosity to explore the same. As both of them had the same passion of exploring the mountains; which they had been pursuing since many years in their own independent ways, their friendship grew closer and their long conversation went on and on only about their “first love” – The Himalayas! Gradually they decided to take a step ahead, realize their dream of taking it forward on a larger scale and build their career in it, Panshul left his job and the duo thought of establishing a formally organized entity.  

They had many rounds of brainstorming and planning on - how to operate, treks to start with, principles to operate with(very important), what all activities and programs they could offer to their clients. As they put it “Trek and activity planning was relatively easy, but interestingly, it took us almost six months to come up with a name. Many ideas/suggestions came up containing words like ‘trek’,  ‘travel’ or ‘adventure’  , but did not truly define our spiritual connection with these mountains. One fine day the name ‘Seeking Himalayas’ struck the mind and we got going!”.

About Seeking Himalayas :

Their mission is to provide the common man a genuine mountain experience through a variety of pursuits that brings them closer to the Himalayas. Their activities consists of trekking, adventure activities for groups, cultural exploration, village homestays, research expedition support, mountain biking, photography workshops and a lot more! They make it very clear that they don’t want to be seen just as a ‘trekking and adventure company’. “The essence of Seeking Himalayas is love and respect for mountains.. Seeking, Understanding, Nurturing the bond between the mountains and us. People differ in the approach in which they relate to mountains. Some like simple travel, some are into adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing, while others explore cultural heritage, some are into scientific research on rocks and glaciers. Approaches might differ, but in a way, they are all means to an end - Seeking Himalayas. We are here to facilitate you on that path and give you a genuine mountain experience.”
Scenic Bhrigu Lake captured during one of the expeditions.

Initially they did face many obstacles as it wasn’t easy to spread the word and let people believe in them being a new and unknown brand name.  Their  journey began in 2014 with a few people and now they stand together as  a team with diverse experiences and a lot of happy clients due to the number of successful treks and diverse programs they have carried out and also discovered each and every bit of their path, leaving no stone unturned.

The very first question which I had asked Panshul was “Can I know the whole story behind your company?” and he replies “I’m not sure if Seeking Himalayas should be called a ‘company’. It is more like a philosophy and a way to connect with the mountains, with which we have a deep attachment.” Well, that did leave me awestruck.  As it is the beginning now, they stay awake till the early mornings and finish up their work so that they could deliver their best to their clients and make their journey the most memorable one too.  On being asked whether it gets too hectic and tiring? The duo says “at times yes it does, but at the end we just love our work so it doesn’t make much of a difference. All the more when our work place is in between the nature’s beauty and peacefulness, it makes us more enthusiastic”.

Pin-Parvati Captured in one of the expeditions.

The biggest challenge which awaits this young start up is to popularize offbeat and unconventional mountain tourism, while not over commercializing it in a way that would be parasitic in long term to the mountains. And as a preventive measure one of their mottos include “Minimal ecological footprint”. While making it a memorable journey and also keeping in mind the safety and environmental issues they limit their batch size to a maximum of 12 people.

A snow trek with Seeking Himalayas.

At Seeking Himalayas we never compromise with our ethics – safety, environmental and social. This is not just a career for us but we also want to promote good environmental practices, involve local people and families with us for their products and services. Apart from Trekking and Adventure activities, we have been directly involving locals. On the occasion of World Snow Day, we gave snow sports lessons to local children which was a like a dream come true for the kids. In our very first year we have started giving back to the society and it is a very delightful and humbling feeling. But there are miles to go yet…” . Born and brought up in the laps of the mountains, the duo has a very special and deep bond with the place and the people there and hence give others an essence of it too and does not treat it as a merely saleable commodity.

Seeking Himlayas celebrating World Snow Day with the localites.
Isn’t it really inspiring as to how they have chosen to follow their heart, despite so many challenges they stuck on to what they really love doing and are with a happy heart today as they enjoy their work. Not only do they help us explore the Himalayan region but also operate with ethics by respecting environment, the local culture and at the giving others a memorable experience. Seeking Himalayas aspires to be a very balanced, well organized firm and above all connected to roots. So yes, it is a WOW to them.

Pandupul - The natural rock bridge.
Planning a trek to the Himalayas? Visit the passionate team at the Seeking Himalayas website.
Ashok and Panshul leading a snow trek.

Make a call to Panshul Via Tapchief now.

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  1. I have been to 2 treks with Seeking Himalayas so far and both have been mesmerising and memorable in their own way. Whenever I think of the mountains,Seeking Himalayas is the only thing that comes to mind.Panshul Bhai and Ashok ji along with their team are truly amazing.Trekking with them is an honour and a privilege.

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