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With a population more than a billion, there are limited platforms that cater to recognize the talent and skills of the people. It's difficult to take out time and travel to different places for auditions, which go on for long hours. This discourages people from going ahead to showcase their talent. To fill this gap Rohit Kedia, founder and CEO of Whats Ur Skill, has designed an online platform that aims to connect with the Young India's Talented rising stars, for a cause: India's bright future.

About Whats Ur Skill:

Started in April 2015, Whats Ur Skill lets you live your dream between your hectic life at zero cost. It is an online talent recognition platform where people can showcase their talents such as acting, dance, drawing photography, singing, handcraft, intelligence, and many other skills by uploading their videos, sketches, captured moments, audio which best portrays their talent. 
It also provides the opportunity to meet and hire talented people from across the country through their freelancing and hiring services on the website.

How does it work?

So to showcase your talent across the globe, you need to fill a form in the "Select you skill" column. They would reach out to you once they have a competition which helps you enhance your skill.
They conduct various competitions around the year and the first round of every competition is conducted online which avoids the need to travel to other places for auditions and wait in the long queue. Only the winners of the online round need to come and participate in the live round. There is no fee charged for the same.

There is another surprise in store which would be revealed by the team very soon.

About the founder:

Rohit Kedia- Founder.
Whats Ur Skill is founded by Rohit Kedia, a Chartered Accountant from Kolkata. He noticed that Indians have great talents and passion in them, which often Succumb due to lack of opportunities which leaves their talent only as a hobby. Today, parents have a desire to send their children for extra curricular activities and even schools, colleges and corporates are promoting vocational skills. "Considering the current trend and requirements of the society, we have launched Whats Ur Skill, where we believe that Aapka hunar hee aapki pehchan hai." They had started working on the idea since 2014 and launched their first competition in 2015.
"Thanks to my Mom who has always inspired us that we have only one life to bring positive changes in the lives of others. This idea was developed after much analysis and discussion with my brother and co-founder Ankit and two of my close friends Nitin and Nikhil on the pain, opportunity and impact on the people of our country which resulted in the launch of Whats Ur Skill.", says Rohit.

Journey till now :

Till now they have successfully conducted drawing, photography and selfie competitions. For which the winners had exciting rewards. Presently, they are conducting "Swagg-logo", a logo designing competition where the participants have to design logos for the following NGOs in India : Mard foundation by Farhan Akhtar, Nanhi Kali by Mahindra, Together We Can by Yuvraj Singh, Akshay Patra, Gulabi Gang and fifteen budding start ups. The other competition is a Mountain Biking Competition, which covers a distance of 500km across various places of Uttrakhand. They have received the permission from the government of Uttrakhand to conduct live rounds of photography in the state every month. 
The Team behind WhatsUrSkill.
Whats Ur Skill has received appreciations from lot of people and is trusted by well known brands such as Uttrakhand Tourism Board, Faber Castell, Wacom and HomeStop. Over time they have built a huge network of photographers, designers and artists.
"I would like to thank Ankit Abhishek and Mohit for taking care of marketing so well that we are able to reach are targeted customers quickly." says Rohit.

Future Plans:

"We have planned a big and unique service for all artists in India, which would be revealed in the next two months. This service would help all artists including performance and visual arts to get end to end service through our platform." 
What's Ur Skill aims to motivate every youngster in our country to pursue their passion and earn through their passion and creativity.

To participate in the competitions and showcase your talent, visit:

For providing a platform for all the talented souls and helping them grow on it, it's a WOW! to What Ur Skill.

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