The passion of Art.

As kids, we have attended various hobby classes and summer camps occupied more than half of our vacations. We had mentors there, who taught us not only one particular skill but ensured our over all development. It helped us develop our hobbies over the years. I came across a youngster Ayushi Agarwal, 20, who took the teachings of her mentor seriously and made her world out of the passion she developed. Her paintings would leave one amazed and her passion is an inspiring journey.

The artist who paints her passion:

Ayushi Agarwal
Ayushi, a young artist, has been playing around in the world of colors since she was 16. On asking her how did painting come up as a passion, she replied "Art became my passion just out of no where. I used to sketch some random stuff in class when my teacher said you should do something in art! That's exactly when I actually started taking art seriously and it became my passion." 
Her mentor noticed the potential she had and guided her on the same. She is mastering the techniques and medium of art from books and videos. The short term classes she joined helped her in correcting her mistakes. Being a graduation student, her daily routine is a hectic one. But as said "One is never tired to follow their heart". She paints after her college hours. It is a stress buster for her and a medium of happiness.

The genre of her painting is abstract. " I make paintings with lot of bright colours. Usually the theme of my paintings is around the holy Lords, depicting love, craving out the beauty of instruments, floral paintings and her personal favourite is The lady in Red, which depicts a dancing lady in a red attire."

The lady in red.

Apart from Oil paintings, she sketches and loves exploring different mediums. Till date, she has explored 15 different mediums of painting.

Journey till now:

The young artist exhibits her paintings through exhibitions in hotels, cafeterias, Nehru art gallery, Diara art gallery and many more. Few of them were her solo shows and the rest along with a group. Her work has been covered in various newspapers and TV news channels.
"Presently I have a tie-up with Beyond Home Solutions for display of all my paintings." says Ayushi.

Ayushi's artwork at Beyond Home Solutions.

In future she plans to expand her knowledge not only practically but also theoretically as well. She aspires to open her own art studio which will not only display artworks but also have teaching sessions in a whole new way.

This amazing artist, who has painted her passion well, does deserve a WOW! 


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