Snapper- A 360 degree shopping experience.

College days: a phase when the mind is without fear and you can take the risk of doing something unique. No second thoughts, no big responsibility. It is all about exploring yourself along with a bunch of people who are sailing in the same boat as yours. 
This can be traced to the beginning of the journey of Snapper Technologies, launched by three college friends in January 2015, while pursuing their graduation.

Snapper App:

It is India's first ioT inspired marketplace where the user can access the products and services from the best vendors in the city, the shopping experience is even more personalized with their trial before purchase services known as "Try Now" where the user can try multiple products at their doorstep prior to purchasing from the stores in their local market. The Trial before purchase is available across diversified product segment such as apparel, footwear, sunglasses, smartphone etc. The app can be downloaded on android and iOS operating software.

Delivery time: Snapper express, their delivery team, delivers the product within 45 mins.

Kwik Pay Mobile Wallet: Magical Wallet

It is a FinTech wonder created by Snapper technologies which is a mobile wallet accepted in supermarkets, restaurants, lounge, night clubs, boutiques and many more places all over Hyderabad as well as Snapper App. The app can be downloaded on android and iOS  operating software.

Why Kwik Pay?

Transactions through Kwik Pay gets you a certain amount of cash back, which can be used in future. It is accepted over 1000+ stores in the city as a primary mode of payment.
"The user can never stop shopping once he pays through Kwik Pay because the accessibility is across diversified businesses in the Snapper community.", says Sandeep Singh, co-founder at Snapper Technologies. The app can be downloaded on android and iOS  operating software.

Krack Deals:

It is in the preeminent online E-commerce shopping stores in India with more than 18000 products and hundreds of brands in store. The company features its own storage warehouses and stores in various places in India to meet the demands.
"And also we have Geo-Located many stores in and around major cities to bring in deliveries faster. Choose from a wide variety of products in every class at the cheapest price, avail the best offers and get the delivery right at your doorstep at your preferred time."

Meet the Co-Founders:

While pursuing their graduation at IBS Hyderabad, the trio worked towards their goal. 

Sandeep Singh- He looks after advertising, financial modelling and business Development for the Snapper team. He is involved in crafting the company refinement, defining the design esthetic and innovating future emergence opportunities.

Prashanth Surana Jain- He looks after marketing, public relations, financial modelling for the Snapper team. Snapper engendered his audacious nature that continued to be the backbone of his life and business in the years to come. He trusted in employee empowerment and gratification. He motivates employees who deliver immaculate customer service.

Akash Agarwal-  He looks after capital Accounting, marketing, and business development. Akash has been tremendously successful in communicating the wonder and importance of e-commerce business.
Co-Founders: Akash, Prashanth, and Sandeep.

About their journey:

"So far the journey has been wonderful and magical as our Kwik pay wallet which at present is being accepted as a primary mode of payment across diversified stores.", says Sandeep.
The idea to provide a 360-degree shopping experience by combining ioT and Fin-tech via Snapper technologies came up mutually among the three Co-Founders, Akash, Prashanth and Sandeep while in their second year of college.
"We used to schedule meetings during the afternoon hours, so for a few semesters we attended only the morning classes.", says Sandeep.

For building an amazing platform at a tender age and providing a 360-degree shopping experience it is a WOW! to Snapper.

Visit their Website to know more.

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