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Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, went to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc., for an advice, when Facebook had hit a tough patch and a lot of people wanted to buy it
There are times when we wish to seek advise from someone who has the experience and  has sailed in the same boat as ours. During school days, we had our teachers, to guide us towards the right path. We could seek an advice and get a direction.
On graduating, we enter a world with a sea of tough choices to make and dearth of reliable and credible people to help us make them.

TapChief brings to you this wonderful platform to seek advice from an expert with a particular skill set or with experience in a specific domain.

With this, you are just a phone call away from the industry professionals.

About TapChief:

Started in Feburary 2016 by a bunch of BITsians, TapChief is a platform to discover and schedule calls with professionals belonging to various industries for students, budding entrepreneurs and others who wish to seek advise can connect to these experts for bite sized consultation over a simple phone call.

How it works:

In order to connect with a TapChief expert, you need to request a call to them, by suggesting three time slots and giving a detailed discussion about what you want to discuss over the call.
Once a call request is placed and the expert accepts it, an automated call is initiated between the two parties at the designated time. A TapChief call can last for a maximum of fifteen minutes. The automated calling service ensures that neither party's number is revealed.

Meet the co-founders:

Shashank Murali: Co-founder and CEO.

A BITS Pilani alumnus, Shashank is the co-founder & CEO at TapChief. Previously he built and sold Edvice, an on-demand tutoring app to HashLearn & is now known as HashLearn Now. He headed product for HashLearn Now before he decided to set upon a path to democratize knowledge sharing with TapChief. Apart from startups & tech, Shashank enjoys the occasional bout of cricket, psychedelic music & swears by Pink Floyd.

Binay Krishna Shivam: Co-founder and COO.

A BITS Pilani Alumnus, Binay is the co-founder and COO at TapChief. He built and sold Edvice along with fellow BITSian Shashank Murali to HashLearn & is now known as HashLearn Now. He headed operations and finance at HashLearn before he decided to take the plunge again with TapChief. An avid reader, poetry lover and manga enthusiast, Binay is the heart and soul of team TapChief.

Arjun Krishna Vashisht: Co-founder, Tech

A BITSian of the 2012 batch, Arjun, heads Tech at TapChief. He was a founding member of Edvice and was backend lead at HashLearn Now after the acquisition of Edvice by HashLearn. Arjun has been instrumental in building product at TapChief from the ground up. He swears by his mantra of “Code.Push.Scale 24x7”. Besides being a web geek he is also a Film Enthusiast, loves Indie music and makes short films in his free time.

How did this idea come up?

Tapchief, being their second start up, was started to resolve the problem of getting the right advise from the right person which they faced while building their first start up 'Edvice'.

"We felt at various points, if we could get the advice which we needed, we could have done much better. We saw our peers, who wanted to pursue higher studies or jobs at good places. All of them collectively had this problem of looking for the right person to talk to. There was a lot of struggle." says Shashank.

Once they had sold their first start up in June 2015, they started working on the concept of TapChief, which was launched in February 2016.

Future Plans:

On asking Shashank about TapChief's plans ahead, he said "There are many interesting things coming up. We want to build a great product and make it the most beneficial for students and budding entrepreneurs." 

For building an amazing platform and connecting the budding entrepreneurs and students to the industry professionals, it is a WOW! to Tapchief.

Make a call to  Shashank on Tapchief.

Visit their Website to know more.

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