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Going back in time, there came a simple locker with a key which was later re-designed into a more complex locker along with a bunch of keys. These lockers had to be unlocked manually. Gotama Gowda, the CEO and Founder at Open App has brought to us the Open App smart locker which redefines a locker. Here you operate a locker using your smart phone.

About Open App:

Open App TechCommerce Private Limited is a two-year-old company that operates with IoT (Internet Of Things) at it's core. It was incorporated on 6th March 2014 by Gotama Gowda Founder-CEO of the company. The founding team was formed over the course of a few months. 
The company started off by designing, developing and selling revolutionary smart locks for industries,  Their first product - smart lock is currently solving key management and security issues for clients across industries such as Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Fibernet, Textiles in the B2B segment. It's flagship consumer product- Open App smart lockers are targeted at transforming devices into experiences and technology into value. 
It aims to be the go-to company for temporary storage and will be the inevitable layer between logistics of the e-commerce companies and the consumer, hence simplifying the entire process for all the stake holders involved in the process.

How does it work?

The locker, provided by Open App, is accompanied with a smartphone application which is the key to the lock. Once the team installs a group of lockers at any common area of the complex, the users can book a locker for themselves when they require it following which the access to the locker booked gets activated in their smart phone. 
For example: When you are not at home to collect the product which needs to be delivered to you. You can book one of the lockers and when the delivery boy arrives, using the key in your smart phone, you open the locker and he puts in your product safely and closes back the locker. Once you are home, you can take your product which was safely kept in the locker, all his while waiting for you. 


The key to your locker is in the application in the smartphone which can be operated from anywhere around the world. So it takes the delivery if you are on a holiday.
These boxes are free for the consumer for all deliveries. Presently, they are being served on a first come first serve basis and prioritized among residential and corporate complexes. 

In the B2B segment:

These lockers are used to solve the unavailability issue of the consumers. On installation of these lockers, the products are sure to get delivered which gives the benefit of reduction in cost of multiple deliveries to the E-commerce giants. These lockers are providing utmost convenience to the consumer by making sure his/her parcel is secure and on-time 'always'. Returns of E-commerce goods becomes a cake-walk with Open App lockers at the consumers disposal. 

Features of the locker:

There are security cameras installed around the lockers and it come with in-built sensors which alarm the user if it's door is not shut properly. It also has weight sensors which would weigh the product and aid it easy collection by the courier agencies, who charge the product based on it's weight. The other features include: 

  • Shared Access
  • Stash my box
  • Hands-free activation
  • Timed Access
  • e-Keys( for select users only)
  • Log records
  • Offline control

About the Founder:

Gotoma Gowda, founder at Open App, has completed his graduation from Christ University, Bengaluru.
"To be brutally honest, when we started off in 2014 we didn't know what to build, but we just wanted to.", says Gotama. Their common passion to make a difference brought them together and the team behind Open-App was formed. They come from diverse backgrounds, humbling experiences and unique expertise making the team a well knit set. 

"Before we knew it, we were tinkering with stuff, finding new market openings and designing for joy. All said and done by this time we had all quit our high paying jobs, comfortable family businesses and just started feeling the heat of societal pressures."

They started off  intending to  to build a consumer smart lock for doors. The founder's strong belief that "it's better to pivot than default" got them to look at opportunities outside off their shell, that won them their very first B2B deal. Earlier they operated only in the B2B segment and gradually took to fulfil the demand of the consumers. By making optimum use of the opportunities on the way, they turned towards smart lockers.

Operating currently in Bengaluru, they plan to expand to other cities in the near future.

Meet the team:

  • Gaurav Gupta - IIT Kharagpur.
  • Anshuman Kumar - NID.
  • Rajshekar Jenne - Lancaster University.
  • Siddhesh Keluskar - IIT Kharagpur.
  • Chakradhar Reddy - IIT Kharagpur.
  • Akash Goel - IIT Kharagpur.
  • Mayur Chavan - IISC.


"We live for the Big ideas, the next Great discoveries. Innovation - is more than a word, it is who we are. Everything we do, we do to make technology and devices more practical, usable and valuable to people." 
Open App 

Link to their website :
Make a call to Gotama via Tapchief.

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