enTRIPreneur- Travelling with Entrepreneurs.

In this era of start-ups, with the increasing number of young entrepreneurs, networking becomes a crucial step. When different minds come together, there emerges creativeness and uniqueness. In order to make networking exciting and interesting, a group of young entrepreneurs came together and formed enTRIPreneur.
Yes, you have read it right! Their concept brings together two words: Travelling and Entrepreneurs.

About enTRIPreneur:

It is an initiative that aims at curating exclusive trips for entrepreneurs to connect, learn, discuss, share and make a lifetime connection. It is one of its kinds to be launched in India.

The Spark:

"One day, we were discussing how networking is limited to exchanging visiting cards in conferences, meet-ups and seminars. And we thought maybe one of the reasons for the same is the formal setting and a large number of people meeting for a very small duration. Also, we being entrepreneurs think of taking a break but get stuck with one thing or the other. So we thought of creating meaningful breaks for entrepreneurs where they can actually connect with people coming from diverse industries and learn, share and find synergies without any inhibitions.", says Rachna.

The team:

Four mastermind entrepreneurs had put their ideas together to build enTRIPreneur.

Anuj Agarwal:

He runs his own digital marketing agency named as cBetter along with other entrepreneurial initiatives. His love for meeting and connecting with people and travelling across brought him to enTRIPreneur.

Jahnvi Sharma:

She is a globe trotter. "I like travelling and for me, home is just a stop while travelling to various places.", says Jahnvi.

Rachna Ghiya:

Rachna runs her own venture called 'CrispTalks', wherein she helps startups in conveying their startup stories through videos. She is also running the Entrepreneurial cafe- Jaipur Chapter.

Swapnil Soni:

Recently done with his graduation, Swapnil was on a lookout to do something that has never been done before. With his zest for entrepreneurship, he set on a journey to build enTRIPreneur.

"For the four of us, travelling and connecting with people remained the kick behind starting enTRIPreneur.", says Rachna.

Rachna, Anuj, Jahnvi and Swapnil.

The first Trip:

After a few months of brainstorming, enTRIPreneur was finally founded, they planned their first trip in June 2016 to an off-beat and secluded place: Viraatkhai, Uttrakhand. The group consisted of 22 travellers out of which 15 were entrepreneurs, photographers and the co-founders, age ranging from 11 years to 68 years. During the trip, a lot of games and interacting sessions were conducted to serve it's main purpose.

"There was nothing in the radius of 3km and the serenity of this place surely helped us in connecting with other folks and our own self too." says Swapnil.

To join the group, age does not matter till the time you are a high spirited individual with a passion to make a dent in the universe. They had received 412 applications, out of which 15 were short-listed based on various criteria. After personally interacting with different entrepreneurs, they had ensured that there is a mix of entrepreneurs from different industries and startup stages.

"At the end of the trip, everyone not only knew about each other's venture but also the way they can collaborate and help each other.", says Anuj.

Their next trip would be organised in December 2016, to the South region of India.

For giving the passionate entrepreneurs an amazing opportunity of travelling together and connecting, it is a WOW! to enTRIPreneur.

Follow their facebook page or visit their website to know about the upcoming trips.
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