SnugOns- Let your feet find their world.

No matter where you go, always remember where you came from.
Connecting the Indian art and craftsmanship with today's world of fashion, SnugOns offers to the world the most comfortable and beautifully designed hand made shoes. 

About SnugOns:

In 2014, two young entrepreneurs founded the brand SungOns. Their Indian roots forged a strong love for Indian art and craftsmanship, decided to spread this essence across the globe through their footwear.

They have an in-house manufacturing in Ahmedabad. "We have a small team of workers who work to fulfill our daily demands. We plan to extend our team by year end."

How did this idea come up?

"It is merely the love for shoes and the beauty of Indian art that pulled us into this fun filled business."  Over time they learned that Indian artisans are exploited and have been working for peanuts. Hence they decided to give them a positive work environment, where they see their growth opportunities like any other engineers and reward them well for their work.
"I want my company to work on a model where everyone grows together. As the company expands, their growth opportunity expands.", says Siddhi.

About the founder: 

Siddhi has completed her masters in Bio-Technology from Mumbai Ruia and has published her research paper in emirates journal of food and agriculture. But the embedded Indian roots and her love for shoes, led towards building SnugOns. 
"This was not how I imagined my career. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur hence I am working towards achieving my dream goals now.", says Siddhi.

Founder- Siddhi Patel.

Future Plans: 

A constant effort has been dedicated to improving their designs and models. Presently, they are working on the comfort footwear model giving it a mixture of stylish and desi look. "We plan to work towards making an almost weightless footwear. Our future goals would be towards footwear for men." In the near future, they will spread their wings to test the international markets, to start with, explore the USA.

She believes in the words told by Steve Jobs "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."  

Every girl has a fantasy for accessories, clothes, and shoes. For turning her fantasy into a business reality it is a WOW! to Siddhi.

Visit their website to grab some of the footwears.
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