TravlOnCards- Enriching the travel experience for women.

Safety for women is a major concern nowadays. Every girl has come across instructions like - "Do not go alone at late night", "Do not venture out to unknown places" and more. Because of which we do not often see a group of girls setting out on their own for a trip. Either the IFs and BUTs raised by families or the time constraints for women could be a reason behind the stigma for women to travel.

Monika Soni, like any other girl, also faced the same situation. She wanted to travel freely and explore the world without being stopped for any reason. But she was quiet until she saw her best friend Ankit, fighting cancer. It was a major turning point for her and she decided to live her life by making not only her dream but every girl's dream of traveling turn into reality, this led to the building of - TravlOnCards.

About TravlonCards:

TravlonCards is a venture, started two years back, which organizes trips for women ensuring their safety throughout. Till now they have organized trips to Goa, Chandigarh, Kasol, Thailand, Leh-Ladhak, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Jaipur and to many other places for women. Monika, director for TravlonCards, says " We wish to change the way people think about women, their freedom, their independence. We strongly believe that women can achieve anything, all they need is the right direction and courage. And thus we make women travel to get them out of their fear zone."

How does it work?

TravlonCards announces their upcoming trips well in advance through their social media presence and spreading the word to their existing travelers. Once registrations are closed, it schedules an itinerary and rolls it out to the group. The trip is lead by Monika, Shikha and Nidhi and managed by Ankit. Keeping in mind about women coming from different backgrounds of the society and not everyone could be blessed with a strong financial security, they have an interesting payment option which goes as the name suggests "3 easy- installments".

"Initially it was tough to convince families about the safety aspects. We used to talk to parents/guardians of our travelers, to help them realize that their daughter/wife/sister can travel and they will be safe. We got a positive response from out initial travelers which built up trust among others who joined us for future trips. We ensure that everyone enjoys the trips, feels comfortable and safe. Each trip is made more exciting through a surprise element.", says Monika.

Meet the team:

Monika: Director
As mentioned earlier, she just needed a spark to turn her desire of exploring the world into reality. Traveling began from school excursions but later it raised a question by family and friends. Hence, she resolved to address the issue of women traveling on their own.

Shikha: Co-Founder/Advisor
She is known to be the Mompreneur of the team, which she joined after her first trip with TravlonCards. She leads the queries from the Ahmedabad branch.

Nidhi: Co-Founder/Traveller
She hails from a small town in Rajasthan. Besides all the odd situations, her dream for traveling makes her the real steel of the team.

Ankit: Founder & Operations Manager
He helps the team organize the trips by ensuring the best stay, food and overcoming any hurdles during the trip. His presence ensures safety in all aspects. He also leads the subsidiary brand- Club TravlonCards which organizes adventure trips for both men and women.
Shikha, Monika and Nidhi.

For giving an opportunity to all the women travelers and help them explore their innerself better, it's a WOW! to TravlOnCards.

To know more about their upcoming trips visit travloncards.

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