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Vedant Goel and Yusuf Soni have resolved to educate children and make them realize their important role in the future of the country. Initially, they began with teaching them the importance of saving water and the environment, as featured in SAVED! Going to the roots. And now they chose to make the children realize the importance of education.

They organized a visit to the mall for the children, being the first for a majority of them. They were taught how education can bring them equally on par with the other crowd. The icing on the cake was when every child was provided with a nice meal at MC Donalds towards the end of the session. It instilled a desire in each of them to work hard and study further.
Vedant and Yusuf with the children.
"We initially had to face a lot of difficulties and arrogance from people who thought that malls are not made for such weaker sections of they society. After some sensible arguments, we won the support of the people who were earlier against it. We made sure the kids had a gala time and also had an opportunity to enrich their knowledge." says Yusuf Soni.

Children during their meal time.
"You can help them when they come across medicinal issues. If they are unskilled, help them figure out how they can upgrade their skills. Urge them to utilize their free time in learning new things. By doing so, we can bring them on par with the general public and they will surely be a boon for the nation.", says Vedant Goel. 

For helping build a better future for the nation, it is a WOW! to Vedant and Yusuf. 
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